How long does each event run for?

Each event runs for an hour and a half. With two little ones ourselves, it often feels like there’s nothing worse than signing up for a 30 minute activity only to have a toddler meltdown or a second baby’s nap mean we arrive late or miss it all together. With an hour and a half event, we aim to not only provide a full morning of entertainment for your little one, but also the comfort of knowing that even if you arrive a little late, that there will still be plenty of time for fun!

What age group are these events best suited for?

All kids are different and you’ll know your own child (and their engagement with messy play items) best, however, these events are designed with toddlers aged 18months to four in mind. Messy play is often made up of small items such as dyed rice, water beads, or natural material so please keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to attend. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to pop us a message on our contact form or directly at liza@messyexplorer.com.au

Do you have any events for children under 18months?

In May and June we will be trying out sessions for our younger messy explorers. After feedback and tweaks we’re looking forward to offering these sessions more regularly from July.

What does it cost to attend?

Each event costs $25 and includes entry for one child and an accompanying adult. Any additional child requires a ticket, but an accompanying sibling who is still a babe-in-arms is free to attend and does not require a ticket.

What should we wear?

Messy and sensory play is (you might have guessed it!) MESSY! While we will have a few paint smocks on hand, we encourage you to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit stained or dirty; to bring a change of clothes if you’re heading out after; or to bring your own painting smock or large t-shirt to pop over their clothes at the messier stations. As each event will be themed, we also encourage you to dress to theme a little – we certainly will!

What type of play stations can we expect?

Each event will have a host of activities both indoors and (weather permitting!) outside too. We’ll change it up each week so if you come consecutive weeks you can expect to see different stations. Some examples of messy play fun: play dough, kinetic sand,  coloured rice/spaghetti/chickpeas/sand/water; lentils, chickpeas, black beans, sandpit sand, oobleck, taste-safe “mud”, shaving cream,  cloud dough, water, ice, cotton balls, pom poms, couscous pearls and more 🙂 We’ll be mixing it up for each event so if you attend concurrent events you can expect to see different messy play stations.

Do you offer messy play parties?

From July you’ll be able to book us to create a messy play party for your little one or even for your mother’s group. Check back with us then to find our website updated with party information!

Terms and Conditions

1.Each ticket entitles one child and one adult to attend the messy play event. Accompanying babes-in-arms are free and do not require a ticket.

2.The parent or carer in charge of the child/children attending a Messy Explorer event is solely responsible for the care, safety and control of their child/children during the event. Messy Explorer cannot accept any such responsibility. Do not leave the building without your child/children and do not allow them to leave the building without you.

3.Messy Explorer does not, under any circumstances, take any responsibility for loss or damages to your personal belongs during the event and you should be mindful of your personal items during the event.

4.Messy Explorer reserves the right to require anyone to leave should their behaviour or the behaviour of their child/children in any way threaten the safety or enjoyment of others attending the event. Attending adults are responsible for the safety of their child/children during each event, including the use of materials and equipment to ensure that the child/children in their care do not cause injury or abuse to other attendees.

5.When attending a messy play event, we strongly encourage you and your child/children to wear clothing that is comfortable and that you don’t mind getting messy. Messy Explorer will not be held liable for any clothing that is stained, marked, damaged or left behind.

6.All messy play stations are created with the intention to be played with and therefore are non-toxic or taste-safe, however, these items are not meant to ingested and could still be a choking hazard. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure these products are not consumed and Messy Explorer will not, under any circumstances, be held liable for any accident, injury, allergic reaction or illness found to be directly attributed to any product or item provided. It remains the parent/carer’s responsibility to supervise the child/children in their care. Should you have any concerns about products that may be used at the session you plan to attend, especially if you have concerns about allergies, please contact the organiser at liza@messyexplorer.com.au for more information.

7.Some messy play stations contain “wet” materials that, when messed/spill over, could cause the floor around it to become slippery. While every effort will be made to dry these areas during the event, it remains the parent/carer’s responsibility supervise their child/children in their care to avoid slipping or accidents.

8.Please alert the organiser to any mess that is made during the event that may cause injury to others so that it can be cleaned. This includes any bodily fluids that may be split so that the area can be cleaned and sterilised.

9.We will not keep finished or part-finished work; please take all items home with you on the day.

10.Should you or your child/children be ill on the day or could risk infecting others attending, we ask you not to attend and reserve the right to ask you to leave should it be felt that you are an infection risk to others.

11.Regretfully, we are unable to refund any tickets due to non-attendance. Should you wish to transfer your ticket to a friend, contact liza@messyexplorer.com.au with your name and family name as well as the name, family name and contact details (email and mobile number) of the person you wish to transfer your ticket to.

12.Messy Explorer reserves the right to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances. All ticket holders will be contacted and offered a credit voucher to be used within 6 months or a full refund.